"The eco-boat idea came from an engineering student in Cameroon."

By Marcos Irribarra

The eco-boat is one of the most impactful ways of reusing and repurposing plastic bottles in poor communities of low income countries. Such ventures are perfect examples of how we can impact waste management which does not harm the environment. It is inexpensive and empowers people to make their lives better.

The eco-boat idea came from an engineering student in Cameroon. This inventor had the right qualifications and motivations to make the eco-boat successful. And now, people without any engineering or technical backgrounds are reaping the benefits. That is why this idea needs to be shared worldwide in low-income communities so that they can use materials from their surroundings to improve their lives.

The eco-boat was made and tested in-house by AYF fellows to see if it works. They tested it out later in the ocean and voila it worked as shown in the photos below.

Sesame later showcased the eco-boat at a community weekend fair on Awaji called Undokai. The visitors could touch and experience the boat and realise what people across the world use plastic for rather than just use it once.

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