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Anand Malligavad is a 38-year-old techie from Bengaluru who has rejuvenated 3 lakes so far -- his first one was completed in just 45 days!

Without the help of industry experts, architects or engineers, Anand, a mechanical engineer, along with fellow citizens, removed almost 4 lakh cubic meters of mud from the lake.

Now he is leading a group of volunteers and NGOs to clean up 45 lakes in Bengaluru, the 3rd largest city in India, by 2025.

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Started the first lake project by associating with a local NGO – got funding from the NGO.

Involved peers from his workplace/network.

Involved a senior citizen from the community around the lake.

With the senior citizen… went around to 400 homes and involved the community in the project.

Removed 400,000 cubic metres of mud from the lake.

Used the mud to create 5 islands in the lake in 10 days.

Planted trees for birds’ nests and fruit saplings on each island.

A total of 18,000 saplings, 3,000 fruit bearing trees of 22 varieties, 3,000 native species of plants, and 2,000 ayurvedic plants.

Next Step was to fill the dried up lake with water.

Two canals of the stormwater drain were diverted 1.8 km away, and then the September rains showered their magic, restoring life to a lake which had been dead for the past 35 years.


It’s a unique procedure, and they created forests of almost 25,000 sq feet with more than 5,000 plants. A total of 1,500 volunteers came together to plant trees in the forests in a record time of 1 hour and 45 minutes.


He adds that the design was made keeping in mind the long-term aspects of sustainability. And so, the area surrounding the lake was not only protected by plants but also turfed with natural grass to save it from soil erosion.

Explaining his process and plan for the next 6 years, Anand says that he has divided Bengaluru into 4 zones.

Online Donation Campaign with some media houses started.

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