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Making garbage into clean energy


It is a system who is enable the turning of waste into something valuable and useful, such as energy, water recovery and heat.

The FDS™ Systems are capable of dealing with waste generated in both residential and industrial sectors, such as that discarded baby diaper or that cesar’s salad you didn’t rate to worn, mining industry, tires, to discarded pvc pipings, and much more.

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Courtesy - ZEG Technologies (In Spanish)


The instant the waste chopped into small pieces makes contact with a surface at around 1.000 °C triggers an instantaneous decomposition of the waste turning it into a gaseous fuel.


This reaction is accomplished without the presence any air and oxygen in the chamber, leading to a reductive atmosphere avoiding the formation of toxic compounds such as dioxins.


The gaseous fuel, composed of Hydrogen, Carbon Monoxide, Methane and gaseous hydrocarbons (C+) is kept and used directly at high temperature avoiding condensates and TAR formation.


Manufactured in containers which allow the system to be scalable and flexible. Generates 100% clean energy, without particulates  or toxins emissions. It doesn’t require huge and heavy infrastructure setup.

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