Easy and lightweight filtration system that can be used in different situations

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Utilizes any body of water (puddles, swimming pool e.t.c).

Requires simple maintenance

Does not leave a chemical taste in the water like other water treatment methods.

Uses forward osmosis, which is a natural equilibrium process to clean the water.

Small pouch (4 in by 6 in) that looks like paper thin plastic before its filled with water. Straw attached for drinking once water is collected.

Courtesy - NWT Fonline


Drop the pack in any source of dirty available water.

The pack works by forward osmosis(same process of plants extracting water from soil).

Water is separated from contaminants by a thin membrane within the pack.

A sports drink syrup on the clean side of the membrane acts as a draw solution.

Water diffuses across the membrane to dilute out the syrup.


The pack is fortified with salt and sugar to aid absorption of the water into the body, and flavoring for better taste.

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