Edible Spoons

sustainable solution for single-use cutlery

Decrease waste generation

(target 12.5)

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A company in India (Bakeys) has begun to mass produce spoons that are entirely edible and also biodegradable


Baked treats.

Single-use cutlery.

Exporting all over the world.


Made with millet, sorghum, rice and wheat flour.

Millet absorbs water at a slower rate and can be cultivated in semi-arid areas, meaning product manufacturing does not put pressure on India’s water resources

Flavoured sweet, savoury and plain

Low moisture content ensures the spoon remains solid while eating

Shelf-life is around 24 months.

Will naturally biodegrade after 1 week if not used.


Cookie spoons are a popular option used in cafes and served with coffee to avoid using a single-use spoon

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