Sal Leaves Cutlery

Replacing plastic utensilies

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In the district Keonjhar, of a poor state, Odisha, in India, a civil servant has led the movement against plastic waste by replacing all plastic cutlery, plates and bowls with bio-degradable ones made from leaves of the Sal tree which is widespread in the forests of Keonjhar.


These Plates are called Khalis in the local language.


It not only provides an ecological alternative to plastic plates but also helped revive a trade where hundreds of local tribal women were employed.


To lead an eco-friendly initiative, Ashish Thakare the District Collector, senior-most civil servant in the district, of Keonjhar, decided to stop usage of all plastic cutlery etc. in the collectorate.


Then he tasked some self-help groups located in different parts of the district to get around 500 tribal women with the knowhow to make Sal leaves’ plates to start making these plates.


To ease the women’s household responsibilities, free creches were also opened.


Apart from this initiative many other noble tasks have been implemented such as using personal bottles for water and refilling them instead of buying new ones.

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