Making a boat with plastic bottles


Many communities is Cameroon like other countries are facing problem of plastic waste. This was identified as potential business opportunities by the founder of Ecoboat. He decided to make a boat from plastic using his experience and skills as a fisher man. 


It requires 640bottles to build one boat

To date, he has built 37 boats which have removed over 24,000 bottles from Douala's rivers. He has also created Cameroon's first recycling scheme by establishing eco-bins - made from 255 bottles - where locals can discard their plastic bottles. This initiative is not only raising awareness, it is changing the way Cameroonians approach waste.

Courtesy - Al Jazeera


1) Plastic Collection: Collect used plastic from different sources such as street, supermarket, stream and rivers etc.


2) Sorting and construction: Sort the plastic to have uniform size

•Stalk the plastic with thread in the following order (Base >body >seat).


3)Testing: Transport to the stream or lake for testing.

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