4 Dollar Urban Rainwater Harvesting

Collecting water for the community


Courtesy - New Indian Express

Dayanand Krishnan, a resident of an apartment complex in Chennai, India’s 4th largest metro, developed a cheap and easy to make apparatus to harvest rainwater.

Chennai is one of the 21 cities of India which will run out of water by 2020.

His apparatus uses easy to find materials and costs less than 4 dollars.


The community collected 30,000 litres in less than an hour!


He used 2 PVC pipes bends, one 3 foot PVC pipe and a cloth filter – total cost Rs 250~USD 4.

With this, he simply created a diversion on his existing pipeline that helped rainwater flow from his 400-square-foot rooftop to a drum, collecting 225 litres of water every 10 minutes.

Before draining itself into the drum, water passes through the filter tied to the pipe’s end, effectively removing major impurities.

His family now uses the water to wash vessels.


The community, living in Sabari Terrace apartment, uses rainwater for three months a year.

While the rainwater is collected and stored now, it undergoes treatment and is then stored in underground tanks. Later, the remaining water is released into the ground.

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