Bamboo Toothbrush

Biodegradable and environment friendly


Manual toothbrushes are made from nylon and polypropelene plastic, materials which are both sourced from non- renewable fossil fuels.

The total number of toothbrushes  being produced and thrown away every year grows steadily.

These make their way to the ocean, once disposed, and a lot of marine creatures mistake them for food, or in landfills, where they remain for many years after.

Courtesy - Household wonders


Bamboo toothbrushes can provide a more sustainable solution.

As opposed to the 100s of years it takes for plastic toothbrushes to decompose, it takes only 6 months for bamboo toothbrushes to decompose.

Some other benefits of bamboo as a raw material include: fast growth rates, doesn’t require agricultural chemicals to grow, absorbs greenhouse gases.

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