Kenyan Slingshot

Planting seeds in a fun way


Kenyans are replenishing their forests and combating deforestation by using slingshots to plant tree seedlings.

This is an initiative by SeedBalls Kenya, which can include everyone. For example , children are encouraged to have sling shot competitions using the charcoal-covered seeds instead of stones.


Courtesy - Al Jazeera

Seeds have been coated in the charcoal dust to repel, birds and insects, and are flung across fields using the slingshots.

It’s a fun activities for children, also fighting deforestation by planting seeds.

It’s a climate action solution that solves SDG goal 4, 13 and 15.

About 2 million seed balls have been planted in Kenya in the past year and a half in what has been called “guerrilla gardening.”

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