Saving water in agriculture and irrigation


Through their main product, “HidroGel”, it allows to make smart use on water resources in various industries, depending on the required uses.

On contact with water, the gel hydrates quickly, storing big amounts of water and slowly releasing it to the required source (plants, construction, etc). 


Improves the storage capacity of water in the soil.

Increases the availability of water and nutrients for the crop.

Increases the efficiency of water use (EWU).

It allows for reduction of irrigation frequency (between 40% and 50%).

Improves water infiltration and decreases runoff.

Reduces soil erosion and fertilizer leaching.

Improves the survival of plants.

It favors the growth and uniform development of plants.

It promotes a greater growth of the roots.

It offers greater stability in production.

It contributes to higher yields.

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