Saving Lakes

Solving water crisis in rural India


An engineer started cleaning lakes in his district in North India. His district had 200 lakes and now they have none.

The main reasons were garbage dumping and encroachments

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He started a community gathering called ‘Jal Choupal’ or Water Forum where people got together to figure out ways to clean the lake.


He spearheaded a double filtration system to filter water entering the lakes.


First filter is made of a mesh of wooden planks


Second filter is made of a mesh of grass


To clean the lakes of slush made up of small finer particles, Ramveer, along with volunteers, encouraged farmers to raise 10,000 slush-eating fish.

Ramveer has started an online campaign to urge youth to clean up polluted water bodies in their locality.


An individual can be a part of this campaign by clicking a selfie near a polluted water body and uploading it on Facebook with the hashtag #Selfie_With_Pond


He is the official coordinator of the ‘Bhujal Sena’ or groundwater army, chosen by the state government. This program was inspired by his efforts and now the state government runs it in every district of the state.

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